Route surveying services

Every year several thousand kilometers of electrical, gas and fiber optics cable are laid. In order to provide the required infrastructure quickly, important advance planning is required.

TRIGIS has extensive experience over many years in supplying efficient results over a short time.

In a difficult market landscape our know how is your advantage.

Planning phase

Initially, the concepts of the customer are discussed and implemented. Here we support you with our experience and expertise.

Following the planning phase, the customer receives a ready-to-build routing together with all relevant documentation.


  • ALK /ALB or ALKIS data determination with land register and/or cadastre offices
  • Provision of all relevant documentation
  • Obtaining data and opinions of public bodies
  • Developing of a routing on the basis of various data records
  • Discussion and assessment of variants
  • Determination of ownership
  • Address qualification
  • Combination of ownership data with the positioning data of the supply lines
  • Researching further land register information
  • Generation of right of way plans (plan content: relevant plot of land, protective strips, land register and ownership lists)

Your contact partner

Andreas Weiland

Phone: +49 3601 401160
Fax: +49 3601 401166

Right of way and approval planning

For routing planning the right of way and approval planning are closely intertwined and mutually influence each other.


  • Contacting the relevant owners with regard to the planned routing
  • Compensation negotiations to obtain a personally limited encumbrance
  • Contract settlement, including land register entry, organization of compensation payments
  • Agreement with leaseholders and obtaining the building permit
  • Obtaining all required public law approvals
  • Developing and concluding license agreements and crossing approvals (e.g. German railway system)

Owner and leaseholder negotiations

Our experts pave the way through the paragraph jungle and accompany your project, from the idea to the land register!


  • Negotiations with the owners/leaseholders by telephone or on site
  • Obtaining the easements (license agreement), with clarification of the compensation payments
  • Preparation of the notarial entry permits
  • Accompanying the process up to the entry of the easements in the land register

Further offer of services

Call for tenders and building monitoring

  • Collaboration with the call for tenders for the building
  • Deformation measurements (e.g. German railway system)

Partner services

Together with our partners we perform additional services for all questions surrounding the subject of routing.

  • Warfare material investigation
  • Georadar investigation
  • Subsoil assessment reports
  • Geological assessment reports
  • Statics calculations
  • Accompanying plans for landscape preservation
  • Civil engineering work
  • Cable work


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