Syria - Homs region

GIS for traffic planning

Satellite map with main traffic routes (Homs region)


The goal of this pilot project, with an area of 36,000km², was to develop a uniform geographical information system for the Homs region of Syria and thus provide the basis for future road and traffic planning.

In addition to the roads interpreted on the basis of data from remote sensing the information system, with a scale of 1:25.000, also included the integration of a large amount of other spatial data, such as road damage, traffic data and data relating to accidents.

Service in Germany

  • Acquisition of 40 ASTER satellite photograph scenes with a resolution of 15 meters
  • Orthorectification to improve the position accuracy
  • Creation of a homogeneous image mosaic
  • Interpretation and digitization of main traffic routes in the Homs region

Service in Syria

  • Collecting factual data on site (road conditions, traffic signs, etc.)
  • Fast digital acquisition and documentation with GPS camera and laser rangefinder
  • On-site ArcGis training in English and German, with Arabian translation
  • Objective of training: Acquisition and management by native personnel


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