Surveying drinking water, waste water, electrical cable

In Lower Saxony, TRIGIS designed route options for a medium voltage line in combination with a drinking water pressure line and a waste water pressure line. The line had to go through the Harz National Park and cross a main road twice. 

Survey area map


TRIGIS designed a 4 kilometer-long medium voltage cable in combination with a drinking water and waste water line for compression of the telecom network, new construction of a medium voltage cable as replacement for the removal of a medium voltage overhead line, and a connection of city districts to a central treatment plant.

In the process, a main road was crossed twice. TRIGIS surveyed the cables, designed the main road crossing and took care of the approval planning process, in particular the obtaining of all necessary approvals.

Soon after the approvals came for the comparison of routing variants and then the construction permit. 


  • Coordination with two clients on the routing work and design of the three media lines
  • Surveys on the routing
  • Obtaining crossing permits
  • Inquiry of and collaboration with public interest parties, conservation agencies, and the Harz National Park Administration
  • Implementation of right-of-way safeguarding
  • Implementation of authorization procedures
  • Coordination with other suppliers
  • Coverage of the line
  • Surveys of the three media and documentation for the respective suppliers 
B4 Crossing
Elt, TW, AW Route Map


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