Sudan, digital terrain model and aerial imaging maps

Sudan, primarily, intends to use the White Nile, one of the two main tributaries of the Nile, for electricity generation. Substantial studies were required to ensure that countries downriver were not disadvantaged by this project.

White Nile, Juba, Sudan


For a hydropower study on the White Nile in the Juba Region, a digital terrain model and aerial imaging maps were required for a project area of 1,300 km². Additionally, a differential GPS receiver was used to determine control points during field work.

Digital terrain model services

  • Provision of ADS40 imagery data (15-cm resolution, taken in 2008)
  • Generation of digital terrain model using semi-automatic digital photogrammetry process
  • Contour lines with equidistance of 5 meters for the entire area
  • Contour lines with equidistance of 1 meter for the sections of the area

Aerial imagery mapping services

Aerial imagery maps were generated for planning purposes and included topography and contour lines.

Interpretation of ADS40 imagery data: 

  • Roads
  • Bridges
  • Populated areas
  • Bodies of water
  • Rivers and wadis

Due to the high geometric resolution of the aerial images and the accuracy of the contour lines, it was possible to generate maps with a scale of 1:1000 for sections and 1:5000 for the entire area.

Surveying services

  • Static GPS measuring
  • RTK measuring
  • Creation of reference grid (position+elevation)
  • Calculation of connection to a higher level


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