Qatar, 3D Laser Scanning

Qatar, 3D Laser Scanning

Scan of the matrix facade


The West Car Park is a high-quality car park with ca. 3,000 parking spaces in Qatar’s  Education City, Doha. It contains a subway station and a bus terminal for continued travel to Education City.

The car park is four stories tall with an area of around 45,000 sqm. On the lower level are a subway station and modern building services, while the bus terminal is integrated into the ground floor.

The exterior of the building is comprised of aluminum profile which is arranged in three different layers. The stairwells, escalators, and elevators as well as the terminals are climatized.

For purposes of facility management and BIM creation, this car park was documented using 3D laser scanning in two steps and subsequently partially modeled. 

Car park levels scan


  • 3D laser scan upon completion of individual phases
  • Shell construction with building services
  • Facade and entire building
  • 3D laser scan with a survey accuracy of ± 5 mm
  • Scan using Leica-HDS7000
  • ca. 3,500 scanner positions
  • Adjustment of the individual scatter plots
  • Generation of an overall scatter plot  
Building envelope and the technical building orientation scatter plots


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