Survey work for hydropower studies


  • In Malawi a feasibility study for the construction of hydropower plants in the Mpatamanga and Chimgonda regions was conducted.
  • TRIGIS supported the project with a field visit, topographic surveying and the acquisition of geographical data, such as place names and proper names.
  • A Trimble AgGPS 542 unit was used for the measurement of the control points and the topography.
  • A correction signal was taken from OmniSTAR. OmniSTAR is a globally available correction signal for real time RTK measurements.
Observation of higher order trigonometric points by static GPS measurements


  • Static GPS measurements of higher order surveying points
  • RTK measurements for the acquisition of detailed topography
  • Supplementary reference network (position+elevation)
  • Calculation of a primary connection
  • Measurement of control points for the orientation of the satellite photographs
  • Determination of water surface levels, initial measurements on buildings along water and acquisition hydrological benchmarks (gradients, widths of waterways, shore lines, etc.)
  • Acquisition of local information on geographical names and regional maps
  • Determination of topography and characteristic hydrologic figures by RTK
  • Purchase of maps from the office of surveying for the determination of geographic names


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