Leipziger Neuseenland lake district, mine surveying

The Leipziger Neuseenland lake district belongs to the greater central German lake district (Mitteldeutsches Seenland) and is a region that, in part, is still being developed. Through recultivation and renaturation of former lignite extraction sites and their facilities, the disused surface mine pits have and are being converted into lakes which will be completely filled over the course of the next years and decades.

LMBV recultivation area


The surveying services will be delivered for three territorially consolidated areas. The services consist of mining-relevant surveying services, i.e., in connection to yearly updating of working plans and rehabilitation plans.


  • Tachymetric surveying to update working plans and rehabilitation plans
  • Immediate measurements in case of accidents, as well as for hazards and hazard zones
  • Control, preservation and maintenance of LMBV mbH spatial reference points and spot elevations
  • Measuring at groundwater measurement sites
  • Determination of volume
  • Plausibility checks regarding increase of groundwater levels
  • Primary surveying, creation of spot elevations, delimitation of working areas
  • Geotechnically required safety and control measurements at regular intervals
  • Sounding of standing bodies of water and streams, location of media transmission lines
  • Terrestrial laser scan measuring of mining objects
  • Obtaining permits
Laser scanning


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