Engineering surveying

Engineering structures

We support you with our expertise for surveying bridges.


  • Creation of measuring programs
  • Controlling of building construction documentation
  • Setting out and transmission of project geometry
  • Building control survey
  • Building monitoring
  • Preliminary work for your building calculations
  • Final surveying
  • Calculation of compensation gradients

Tunnel surveying services

  • Independent control and monitoring measurements
  • Surveying controlling
  • Installation, measurement and sealing of a higher order installation position and portal networks
  • Drift and profile controls
  • Independent directional control of tunnel drills
  • Breakthrough prognoses and network compensation of tunnel networks

Your contact partner

Heiko Weist

Phone: +49 36602 1410
Fax: +49 36602 14141

Rail surveying

TRIGIS has many years of experience in rail surveying and in working together with the technical departments of the German railway system. From the acquisition of rail and route data, through track geometry machining, to accompanying surveying and documentation suited to the German railway GIS.


  • Marketing, determination and network compensation of fiducial points and elevation fields of the German railway system
  • Generation of routing drafts
  • Calculations of track geometry
  • Setting out tracks and railway switches
  • Permanent setting out and bridge setting out
  • Photogrammetric profile and structure gauge acquisition, tachymetrically and by terrestrial 3D laser scanning
  • Documentation in the structure gauge database
  • Track measurement and acquisition of track and route data
  • Incorporation of the analog planning documentation in the digital inventory
  • Production of data records in conformance with the German railway system GIS

Your contact partner

Denis Heinrich

Phone: +49 30 5015060
Fax: +49 30 50150660

Mining surveying

In this field we offer mining consultation and project realizations for all planning phases, mining branch arms and mining approval procedures.


  • Exact surveying image surface and underground for the abandoned mine situation
  • Surveying in the restoration areas of the abandoned mine
  • Subsidence, settlement and safety measurements in and on open mine residual cavities
  • Site and direct route measurements
  • Inclinometer measurements
  • Precision leveling
  • Geotechnical mine surveying and evaluation of abandoned mines and mine damage
  • Deformation analyses and measurements for the preservation of evidence

Your contact partner

Heiko Weist

Phone: +49 36602 1410
Fax: +49 36602 14141

Preliminary surveying

For approval and execution planning preliminary surveying is required as a basis for planning.


  • CAD plans in all common formats
  • Generation of digital terrain models
  • Longitudinal and transverse views
  • Data transfer in all common data formats (CARD, VESTRA, AutoCAD, OKSTRA, etc.)

Services according to the Required Building Documentation Ordinance (BauVorlVO)

  • Generation of site and height plans
  • Classification of structure
  • Generation of site plan for proposed building
  • Generation of written part according to Federal Land Utilization Ordinance (BauNVO) and setting out building project

Your contact partner

Tobias Friedrich

Phone: +49 36602 1410
Fax: +49 36602 14141

Surveying services in structural engineering

As a rule the building owner must specify only two axes and one height spot within the scope of the German Construction Contract Procedures (VOB). However, the shell construction contractor and other trades require further services within the scope of setting out the building.


  • Generation of a building site and building elevation network
  • Setting out for the soil excavation and main axes (longitudinal and transverse axes) on sight rails
  • Setting out the site of supply and disposal components in the floor slab
  • Compacting setting out of longitudinal and transverse axes and concrete framework
  • Shaft plumbing, preparation of cutting checks
  • Setting out of fixtures
  • Setting out for structural facings
  • Control measurements for the façades
  • Deformation measurements

Quantity surveying for construction costs

TRIGIS offers quantity surveying for clearly documented cost accounting conforming to the rules for the electronic billing of construction costs (REB). The experience of numerous quantity surveys and cross profile invoices make TRIGIS the right partner to support you in demanding projects with billing and quantity surveys.


  • Site inspections
  • Determination (filling and excavation) for intermediate states and billing of construction
  • Handover in all common formats (RIB, etc.)

Your contact partner

Marc Orlamünder

Phone: +49 3643 24970
Fax: +49 3643 249779

Building, bending and control surveying

We perform bending surveying globally and have successfully calculated pipelines with nominal widths DN150 to DN1600 and accompanying pipeline projects.

Setting out services

  • Setting out the transmission route
  • Takeover, control and compacting of the fiducial points
  • Setting out axes for supply line construction (disconnection points and lines of sight)
  • Acquisition of longitudinal profile for the determination of overlap in as-built surveying
  • Setting out of construction site directly following setting out of axes
  • Preservation of evidence for transversely running trenches, rails and roads in closed construction

Bending surveying services

As well as possible the pipeline construction is planned without sections, so that it can be laid without the need for additional weld seams.

  • Longitudinal profile measurement before excavation of topsoil
  • Takeover of the route set out
  • Initial measurements on the transversely running search excavation lines
  • Setting out of drillings and thrust borings according to construction site specifications
  • Acquisition of pipelines laid out (pipe lengths and pipe numbers)
  • Calculation of horizontal, vertical and spatial arches (according to feint lines of removed terrain)
  • Preparation of a job list and bending schedule for bending machine, balconies and special columns

Control surveying services

Before filling in the open trenches we control the following:

  • Position of the supply line
  • Covering of the supply line
  • Bending radii
  • Unobstructed distance to transversely running media
  • Position and height of fixtures
  • Site measuring for special services relating to billing of construction costs

Your contact partner

Andreas Weiland

Phone: +49 3601 401160
Fax: +49 3601 401166

Documentation and pipe book

In keeping with worksheet G 1010 of the German Association for Gas and Water (DVGW), adequate documentation is required within the framework of technical safety management. Documentation begins with the planning of the pipelines and serves as the basis for controlling before commissioning and within the scope of maintenance.

For this documentation TRIGIS provides current pipeline network plans and pipe books.

Services and documentation

  • Site measuring of all installed pipelines, including all weld seams, elbows, transversely running lines and fixtures
  • Surveying of the site following restoration
  • Preservation of evidence for waterways, rails and roads
  • Site plans, detailed plans and longitudinal view
  • Site measuring of field damage and field damage plans

Pipe book services

  • Pipe book for pipeline components and stations
  • Separate pipe book for pressure testing


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