3D Laser scanning

3D laser scanning for architecture and preservation of historic buildings and monuments

With the contact-free acquisition of complex spatial objects, the 3D laser scanning method offers extensive application possibilities in the field of architecture and the preservation of historic buildings and monuments.

Both structured façades and memorial areas and smaller objects can be acquired in three dimensions and visualized in detail and accurately showing the extent of damage.

3D point cloud - technical monuments


  • 3D as-built acquisition and preservation of evidence
  • Acquisition of even largely inaccessible or dangerous areas
  • Derivation of ground plans, sections and views with freely definable cutting planes
  • Site measuring accurately showing extent of damage for approval in keeping with the regulations for conservation (accuracy levels III and IV)
  • Detailed masonry site measuring with acquisition of stucco, reliefs and facing details
  • 3D visualizations and 3D city planning/models
  • Combination with terrestrial photogrammetry and conventional surveying (for example for damage assessment)
Scanning of castle ruins
Point cloud opera
3D roof structure model

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3D laser scanning for plant construction

Today, plant construction without 3D laser scanning is practically inconceivable. The 3D point cloud that this technology quickly generates gives a real Image of the object investigated and represents an optimal basis for all further work steps.

Entire plants can be modelled following generation of the 3D point cloud as a 3D volume body.


  • Effective three-dimensional acquisition of complex, strongly structured constructional elements
  • Fast and cost effective photographs for preservation of evidence
  • Acquisition of largely inaccessible or dangerous areas
  • Highly accurate acquisition for analyses of wear
  • Basis for collision analyses and failure simulations


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