360°- visualisations

Roads, waterways and panorama views

Visualisation of roads

For the acquisition and evaluation of the infrastructure capacity of roads, pathways and spaces data is available in various forms. These include aerial photographs, basic digital city maps and digital data from individual building projects.

TRIGIS provides support with the acquisition and status evaluation, also within the scope of double accounting (DOPPIK).


  • Acquisition of roadways, sidewalks, parking areas and roadside greenery and surfaces
  • Acquisition of road furnishings and lighting
  • Acquisition of surface areas
  • Attributes of roads, road sections, surfaces, status, etc.
  • Determination of remaining useful period of time

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In partnership with CycloMedia, TRIGIS supplies high-quality 360° panorama views, with the help of which the users can call up reliable image material for urban and rural environments on their computers. With this real time and reliably produced Image material realistic displays of the actual situation are transmitted directly to your computer.


The system can generate freely flowing cycloramas

  • up to15 km/h in photographic intervals of 1 m
  • up to 80 km/h in photographic intervals of 5 m
  • up to 120 km/h in photographic intervals of 10 m

Accuracy of measurement

  • Resolution 4800 x 2400 pixels
  • Orientation accuracy 0.1°
  • Image geometry 0.1°
  • Measurement accuracy in the image < 0.1 m

High-quality 360° panorama views

Thanks to the exact georeferencing of all images, interactive measurements are made possible in the images. The principle of measurement is based on the spatial intersection. The GlobeSpotter Pro program displays the results of the measurements in comfortable quality. Important measurements can be saved.

Clicking on the blue points changes the image. Holding down the left mouse button displays the 360° view. The mouse wheel enables zooming.


An aquarama is a spherical 360° panorama view taken from a water course. Aquaramas offer an immediate and comprehensive overview of the surroundings. Since an image is taken every five meters, objects can be examined from different angles of vision.

With aquaramas you can easily obtain information about all details next to the water course, such as shore structure, anchorage, vegetation and towpaths.

Since the location and line of sight are known for each image, the images can be easily linked to different systems. In an aquarama you have a 360° field of vision and can simply zoom back and forth.

The specifications correspond to those for the cycloramas

Clicking on the yellow points changes the image. Holding down the left mouse button displays the 360° view. The mouse wheel enables zooming.

360° panorama views

A panorama view is comprised of several individual photographs which are then combined digitally. For professional use, TRIGIS uses nodal point adapters. These allow controlled circling of the camera around the optical axis. The individual photographs are the joined in a stitching process to a 360° spherical image.

Applications are found for sites which must be documented for planning and renovation purposes and are difficult to access for reasons of working safety or inclined to be dangerous.

  • Transformer substations
  • Transformer stations
  • Elevated tanks
  • Safe depositories etc.

Contrary to the cyclorama, panorama views are pure documentation, i.e. they are not suitable for measurements in the image.

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