Burundi, Small-scale hydropower plant feasibility studies

Burundi, like the other countries of the Great Lakes region, is hindered in its social and economic development by a severe modern energy shortage. This obstacle is to be counteracted by the construction of hydropower plants on the Ruzizi River. 


For a feasibility study of four small-scale hydropower plants in Burundi, TRIGIS was commissioned with the creation of the topographical base data. This contained among other things an on-site surveying operation. 

Topographical base data services

  • Preparation of satellite data with 2.5 meter resolution
  • Creation of topographical maps for preliminary planning with a scale of 1:10,000 with this content
  • Height lines (5 m intervals)
  • Anchor points
  • Bodies of water
  • Streets
  • Further relevant topography
  • Derivation of 5 profiles per site from DGM

Digital terrain model services

  • Creation of terrain models for four sites
  • Basis: ALOS-PRISM satellite radar data and ASTER; elevation accuracy of 3 to 5 m
  • Area ca. 10 km² per site 

Survey services

  • Survey of anchors in position and height  (2 cm accuracy)
  • GPS survey method with Basis and Rover
  • Permanent survey marker of anchors
  • Terrestrial recording of topography, among other things, to optimize the elevation model 


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