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Central contact

Heidelbergstraße 7
07554 Korbußen/b. Gera
Tel.: 036602-141 0
Fax: 036602-141 41

Main contact person:
Mrs. Franziska Mittag



TRIGIS develops tailor made solutions for surveying questions of all kinds. For all industries. On a global scale.

Rail and transport

Many years of specialist know how

TRIGIS is professionally recognized for surveying work in the rail sector as a general contract partner of the German railway network (DB Netz AG).

We are working on infrastructure projects in all regional areas of the German railway system. In addition to the classical surveying services, we also process geoinformation and link technical and factual data from other areas and disciplines to the GI system of the German railway system.

We apply this specialized knowledge throughout Germany and around the globe.

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Building industry

Individual service

We adapt our service individually to the scope and degree of difficulty of the particular building and accompany each building with suitable ◊surveying technology".
Our design and construction surveying accompanies the building owner from the first planning considerations to the as-built documentation of the finished construction.

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Continuous engineering support and consulting

Whether the surveying of mining facilities and tunnels, depth plumbing in quarry ponds and the residual cavities of open face mines or the management of the complete mining plans on the surface and underground – TRIGIS provides continuous engineering support and consulting in all technical questions of mining.

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Comprehensive range of services

TRIGIS offers a comprehensive range of services in the area of industrial surveying. Our main field of application is machine and system construction. Precision surveying is subject to high requirements of precision. We perform our measurement services fast and flexibly with the highest precision on a global scale. Our specialized personnel, selected metrology and close cooperation with technologists are the basis for efficient project execution.

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Public administrations

Your contact partner for geodata

We supply the basis for communal information systems. Whether by road inspections, visualization by city models or the documentation of city-specific topography, TRIGIS is your contact partner for communities and administrations when it comes to geodata.

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Planning and counsulting

Experienced specialists

Which geodata do I need for my project? In what steps does this lead to the GIS? Hosting or in-house solution? Which data is freely accessible and which must I buy or even collect myself? Before project launch we show our customers alternatives for successful project execution already in advance and take time for intensive consultation. With our versatile and experienced specialists and their good networking, we have a wealth of experience available to deal with numerous questions from the world of.

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Suppliers/disposal contractors

Exact network information

For more than 20 years TRIGIS has collected data from supply networks at the request of suppliers and disposal contractors. Whether standardized initial acquisition or high-precision site measuring of existing objects – the characteristics of the particular network topology determine the choice of the metrology employed. From hidden point pole to ultra-modern 3D scanner: TRIGIS measures the entire building architecture and delivers exact network information.

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Real estate management

Professional building documentation

Whether individual ground plans for apartments, calculation of floor area according to all relevant standards, or data acquisition for large properties: TRIGIS building documentation delivers the basis for efficient property management.

A team of specialists from the fields of surveying, architecture and CAD is at your disposal.

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From a single source

TRIGIS offers services ◊from a single source"! From the permit planning according to the telecommunications act, through initial measurements, to the digitization of the inventory in the network operator's target system.

We support you with the routing and documentation of FM networks. Whether for Cu, FTTC or FTTH networks, our experienced and certified specialists carry out the documentation of the FM networks.

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Architecture and preservation

Complex surveying in a sensitive environment

Historic buildings - requiring complex surveying in a sensitive environment.

Surveying takes place in the area of conflict between the preservation of the cultural heritage and modern demands for usage. Our surveys help here to generate the planning basis for rebuilding, restoration and safety measures and documentation for future generations.

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