Architectural surveying

Building quantity surveying and computer aided facility management (CAFM)

Building quantity surveying is an essential part of the as-built surveying of buildings. Together with the preparation of ground plans, sectional views, façade views and 3D models, these surveys represent an indispensable basis for building planning. In addition, building quantity surveying forms the basis for CAFM and area calculations.


  • Measurement and generation of ground plans and sectional views
  • Measurement and generation of 3D models
  • Measurement and façade views by tachymetric measurement, photogrammetric acquisition and evaluation or by laser scanning
  • Generation of building elevation drawings or 3D models of the façades
  • Quantity surveying takes place e.g. according to the four exactness steps after Günter Eckstein "Recommendations for Building Documentation"
  • As-built and rental area quantity surveying according to DIN 277, the living area calculation ordinance (WoFlV) and housing industry commercial rental space (GIF MF-G).

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Close range photogrammetry and facade plans

Close range photogrammetry is used for objects from a few centimeters to around 100 meters in size.

This requires high-resolution photographs of the object, measurements with visible images or control points and if necessary the calibration data of the camera and objective.


  • Contact-free acquisition
  • High extent of information and documentary character of a photograph
  • Fast acquisition
  • Unrestricted exposure positions


  • 2D projections of buildings
  • 3D models of building structures
  • Survey photographs

Modeling and building information modeling (BIM)

BIM describes a software-supported method for the optimized planning, execution and management of buildings and facilities of all kinds. All relevant building data is digitally acquired, combined and networked. BIM allows cost effective planning, building and use.

TRIGIS GeoServices GmbH provides you with the required basics.


  • ACTUAL site measuring and generation of 3D building models
  • Networking with databases
  • Acquisition and entering of your building data

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Open area registers

Open area registers are the basis for the efficient management of open areas and facilities. TRIGIS offers open area acquisition on the basis of aerial photographs or terrestrial measurements. The open area register can be produced in all common data types (paper plot, PDF file, Access, Excel, etc.) or imported to an existing information system (for example Aareon or Vodis).


  • Position-exact determination of the property area
  • Review/control of existing data (land register maps, as-built drawings, etc.)
  • Acquisition of areas – for example for pathways, lawns, garden plots, water, shrubs, groves, hedges and trees, as well as playgrounds
  • Production of the open area register according to your requirements in the CAD/GIS


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